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They said they wanted to kill us but they ended up saving my life...

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Our first conversation in Nicaragua, with an actual Nico, went something like this:

“Hi, where are you from?”, “Portugal – my husband [yeah, me] is from England.”, “You need some help with the border?”, “No, we’re good, thanks, we’ve done many borders…”, “OK, you know, you’re very lucky, you come to Nicaragua and all the Nicos want to help you. But if a Nicaraguan comes to your country, they are treated very badly.”, “That’s not good, have you been to Portugal?”, “I was in America – they treat all the black people like shit. I want to be a terrorist and kill all the white people.”, “Oh….”, “People like you…”

I’d like to do a little post here about Nicaragua – hopefully it might be of some interest to anyone hoping to visit the place on the way through Central America – you know, it might give you a feel for the country – I dunno, it might dispel a few misconceptions and, seen through the prism of a couple of crazy overlanders such as us, might just confirm a few notions that you had about this area. I can’t say that I knew much about the place before we arrived on the border from Honduras, so, at first, we wondered whether the Nicaraguans would really like to kill us – when, in fact, by the time we left for Costa Rica I felt that they had saved my life…

That first conversation had taken place at the border even before anyone had seen our passports. Of course, that was the only “problem” we encountered at the frontier – the officials were all pleasant enough and, other than waiting for the big commercial trucks to move out of the way, we were soon speeding down through the gentle hills towards volcano land. We talked about this wanabe-terrorist; he was just having a laugh with the rich gringos; he must have had some bad experience in America, maybe; he’d been absorbing too much anti-Western news and media – he wasn’t even black – in Dunia’s own country, he would have looked pretty much the same as most of the Portuguese… But it was kind of a strange conversation to have for us – this kind of casual hostility that neither of us had encountered before on our travels. One week later, we had another conversation just like it – hmm, was a pattern developing here? Welcome to Nicaragua.

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